Seward and the Fjords by Kenny & Kristen

Posted on 2017-06-22

Waking up from the cabin we had some quick breakfast that we had packed and grabbed some quick showers. Most shops on the spit opened up around 10am so we made our way down to check out what was there. Most of the shops were for trinkets or fishing trips so we didn’t have much interest there after we found that out. We did see a few neat places that we wanted to stop at on our way out of homer so after a few hours exploring the town we hit the road towards Seward for our second main destination – Kenai Fjords national Park!![blogPics](/static/img/seward1/s0.jpg "Shops at the Home spit") On the way to Seward, we stopped at the kenai lake to take a break from driving and some photos of the excellent scenery (as well as skip some more rocks because lets just face it - it's one of the highlights of Alaska).![blogPics](/static/img/seward1/s1.jpg "Kenai Lake") Once we made it to Seward we initially headed over to where we would be staying the next two nights at our AirBnB. Geoff was a swell guy who showed us our room which was really nice and let us be on our way. ![blogPics](/static/img/seward1/s2.jpg "Exploring Seward!") From here we headed downtown to do some exploring and made a stop at the Sea life Center to see what it had to offer. It was neat but also closing pretty soon around that time so we left pretty quickly and didn't pay the 25$ for a tour. From here we walked around downtown and went into some of the shops and scoped out a place to grab some dinner. ![blogPics](/static/img/seward1/s3.jpg "Seward Downtown") While walking around, we stopped at the local library which had a small museum about the history of the town and its residents. The library was small but very nice considering how small the area was. and we used it to our advantage to look some things up on the internet and plan our next day while we had a moment.![blogPics](/static/img/seward1/s4.jpg "Sightseeing in Seward") After grabbing some dinner we headed back to our room to grab some shut eye because the next day we had some big ideas planned. The Fjords were on our minds! ![blogPics](/static/img/seward1/s5.jpg "Bay views in Seward")

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