Day 14 - Chincoteague, VA by Kenny & Kristen

Posted on 2020-08-29

We woke up from street racer alley around 4 the next morning in hopes to beat any traffic going through the bigger cities in New York and New Jersey. We had a hard time finding gas in the early hours and ended up finding one in New Jersey where an attendant had to pump it for us. The rain that caused us to change from our original plan to go to Nantucket did end up falling, and we had a really overcast and wet day on the road. We did get a chance to stop in Pennsylvania at a park that turned out to have one of the largest community gardens in the US! We walked around a bit and played some catch to stretch our legs before soldiering on. ![blogPics](/static/img/180/van.jpg "Van at the park") A little bit later we stopped to go for a run at another really neat park, this time in Delaware, called Oak County Park which seemed to double as the aerospace technology center. The park partnered with a bunch of different programs (boy scouts of america, universities, etc.) to create a bunch of neat space-themed features. For example, they had a galaxy garden where all of the paths and plants were arranged to represent a model of the Galaxy (even scaled accurately!). They also had a spaceship themed playground with a huge slide, a running path, some fields, and other learning things. ![blogPics](/static/img/180/playground.jpg "Playground") After our run we refueled at Meddings Seafood for lunch. This was our last big seafood night planned, so we went big and were not dissapointed. The portions were good and the crab puppies appetizer was delicious! Definitely recommended! We still smelled bad from running so we stopped by Lewes Family beach in Delaware to attempt to rinse off. There was plenty of parking on a rainy day, but it was $2/hour. The beach was located on an inlet, so it was pretty sheltered and the water was really calm. The beach area itself was nice, but the water was much more full of plants/algae and smelled stronger of fish than we're accustomed to on North Carolina beaches. The parking lot did have a rinsing area so we attempted to use that as a shower before heading off again. Finally we made it to Chincoteague Island back in Virginia. There is a nature preserve on the island where wild horses live, although we didn't see any on this trip. We did have a nice walk on the beach and enjoyed an awesome sunset! ![blogPics](/static/img/180/beach.jpg "Beach") We briefly tried to explore some of the areas in the preserve, but were swarmed by mosquitos before we made it a few steps out of the van, so we gave up. But the beach was beautiful! Then we set off for our favorite WalMart for our very last night in the van!

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