3 day hiking retreat in Western NC by Kristen

Posted on 2020-03-16

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, my original plans for grad school spring break were both cancelled (not complaining - fully on board with taking the pandemic seriously). However, I still wanted to find a healthy way to spend some time outdoors. So I jumped in my car and headed to the blue ridge for a few days of hiking. The weather did not cooperate for many views, but the hikes were still great! It's definitely on my list to go back when the weather is nicer and the flowers are in bloom! # 3 Day Hiking Retreat in Western NC **[Tuesday](https://www.thekhsquared.com/blog/157)** - Roan Highlands **[Wednesday](https://www.thekhsquared.com/blog/155)** - Linville Falls and Babel Tower **[Thursday](https://www.thekhsquared.com/blog/156)** - Linville Gorge / Shortoff Mountain # Budget: I spent a little extra money on accomodations this trip because I was traveling alone and wanted to make sure I had a place that felt safe. Plus it was Spring Break and I wanted a cozy cabin to cook in after hiking and curl up with a book and hot chocolate :) | Expense | Approximate $ | | --- | :---: | | 3 night stay in an Air BnB in Spruce Pine | $250 | | Gas | $70 (2 tanks) | | Food| $60 | | Total Cost | 380|

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