Cruise to Fantasy Lake by Kenny & Kristen

Posted on 2019-08-31

So after Kristen started school again, its been pretty difficult for us to travel near or far. BUT, a friend of mine told me about this place called "Fantasy Lake" that he used to go to as a kid. Now as he described it, it sounded exactly like what i had been looking for as a summer Oasis of rope swings and platform jumps. And By golly, that's exactly what this place was. ![blogPics](/static/img/124/fl.jpg "Fantasy") The trigger for use to go here was two-fold. Let me lay it out how i thought about it in my mind at least - "Oh, Kristen has her first exam today - she will be finished by noon. Rope swings and water-slides should help her relax! Oh, this is their last weekend open, this is perfect!" Now is this what Kristen thought about it? I didn't think so at first. She was pretty worked up over studying and her exam but we got on the motorcycle anyway and took the 1.5 hr cruise down to Fayettville, NC to check it out. ![blogPics](/static/img/124/bike.jpg "Fantasy") Now it was a fairly long ride, and when we got there - the excitement hadn't really reached Kristen yet. She was still a bit grumpy and I was starting to get skeptical if this was going to be an OK idea or a very terrible idea. BUT, low and behold, all it took was one ride down the water slide and BOOM there it was - that big beautiful smile I love to see! And it stayed for the rest of the day with the help of the great time we were having on the rope swings, water slides, paddle boards (which Kristen may now buy at some point), and the jumping platform. ![blogPics](/static/img/124/lake.jpg "Fantasy") This place was so fun and would have been the hangout spot if I lived in the area as a kid. They had a little deli area to get some food, ice scream and drinks. They had plenty of picnic areas as well and even some ping pong and corn hole areas in case you didn't want to play in the water. Another nifty thing they had were some porch swings that sat over the water - a nice addition I thought. ![blogPics](/static/img/124/kk.jpg "Fantasy") We stayed here until they closed down and after showering on site, we packed up the bike and hit the road back home - stopping half way to grab some dinner and to help break up the long ride. Along the way, we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset on the bike and see the lights across lake Jordan at night which was really pretty. It was a great way to enjoy a beautiful Saturday in NC.

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