The Great Shake Up Bake Up! by Kenny, Kristen, Chad, and Emily

Posted on 2019-07-08

Once upon a time we sat down to a nice dinner at an Indian restaurant with our friends Chad and Emily... and somehow before we got our food, the Great Shake Up Bake Up challenge was born! We established some basic rules: 1. We split into teams of two (Emily and Kristen vs. Chad and Kenny) 2. One team cooks and one team judges 3. The judging team is responsible for choosing the ingredients 4. All ingredients must be used 5. 1 hour to cook. 10 minutes to shop 6. The teams switch places for round 2 The rest of it we just kind of made up on the fly. Somehow llama suits got involved and the boys seriously underestimated our cooking talent. Really, it's all in the video... Round 2 with the boys cooking to follow in a few weeks... but seriously... they better bring their A game to beat this...

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