Alaska Road Trip Itinerary by Kenny & Kristen

Posted on 2017-06-21

When we decided to go Alaska for a week, we were bound and determined to explore it from the inside. So we rented a car and made some rough plans to adventure from Fairbanks down. We went in mid - late June, which means it was relatively warm and at the height of the 24 hour sunshine! A visit to Denali National Park was the original motivator, but there were so many other amazing things that we found along the way. And we can't wait to go back! Here's what our trip looked like: # Alaska Itinerary **[Friday:](** Fly into Fairbanks **[Saturday:](** Explore the Museum of the North and visit hot springs! **[Sunday:](** Denali Day 1 - Back country permits, **[Monday:](** Denali Day 2 - Back country hiking **[Tuesday:](** Denali Day 3 - Back country **[Wednesday:](** Homer **[Thursday:](** Seward and the Fjords **[Friday:](** Kenai Fjords National Park and the Harding Ice Field **[Saturday:](** Kayaking and back to Anchorage **Sunday:** Travel home # Approximate Budget Unfortunately I didn't keep track of expenses on this trip, although I will say that we probably spent more than normal. This trip was partially paid for by my work at the time as a reward, so we had a little more room in the budget for places to stay and activities. We tried to stay at $150/day (outside of airfare) # Other cool things we wish we did/will do next time * Explore by boat - Exploring Alaska via car was really neat, but I can totally see why the cruise ship option is so popular. The coast line is breathtaking, and the land infrastructure is still pretty limited. A cruise ship could get you to all sorts of places that we logistically could not reach * Take a puddle jumper into the heartland of Alaska - You just can't get there driving

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