Yosemite Itinerary by Kenny and Kristen

Posted on 2018-07-14

Yosemite holds a pretty special place in my heart for a few reasons. Not only is it a visually stunning combination of endless blue skies, jutting rock faces, and crashing waterfalls, but it’s also the first national park that I visited as an adult and more importantly the trip where I ran into Kenny almost 2 and a half years ago. Our 2018 adventure to Yosemite was the second time each of us traveled to the park but the first time we did so together. Like most of our trips, it was an action packed 4 days of strenuous hikes and beautiful views. Unfortunately we also had a ton of smoke from the raging Ferguson wildfire. We got a lot done, but we can’t wait to go back again one day. # Yosemite Itinerary Here's what our trip looked like: **Friday Night:** Drive from San Francisco to a hotel in Sonora **Saturday:** Drive into Yosemite. Find a campground. Explore some of the Valley. Hike Glacier Point **Sunday:** Hike Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls **Monday:** Hike Half Dome! **Tuesday:** Explore Toloumne Meadows and Lake Tenaya **Wednesday:** Drive back to San Francisco and fly home Want to see some real footage of our trip? Check out our YouTube Video [here.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYDfBeO8e38&fbclid=IwAR26ggQRnrMJ_4t0hChW34bs_xM5Y8xqaFLtCtJAQcFecgnRxkPMrrS8AsM) # Approximate Budget | Expense | Approximate $ | | --- | :---: | | Hotel on the way into the park| $80 | | Hotel on the way into the park | $80 | | Dinner on the way in | $30 | | Groceries for camping | $90 | | Total campground fees: | $48 (12 x 4 nights) | | Total Gas: | $100 (2 fill ups) | | Park Fees: | $55 ($35 entrance fee + $10/person Half Dome permit) | | Rental Car: | $150 | | Total Cost (minus airfare): | $553 | # Other cool things we wish we did/will do next time: * Clouds Rest * I did this hike my first time in Yosemite and was challenging but gorgeous. * Tenaya Lake * Spend a day at Tenaya Lake. We visited at night when it was pretty chilly already. I would love to go back during the day and spend some time swimming * Backcountry hike * We ran into a group that was back country hiking from Toloumne Meadows over toward the valley. We were jealous of the peacefulness of their trip. * Explore the Wawona side of the park

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