Disney Marathon Pro Tips by Kristen and Kenny

Posted on 2019-01-13

We learned a lot from our first marathon. Check out the full details in our blog post here. Here are the "pro tips" that we have to offer you... - Hydrate with electrolytes and fuel up the night before - Listen to the websites and advice on not setting a time goal for your first marathon. Just be happy to finish. - Show up EARLY. Earlier than you’re usual early. Like 3:30-4 AM - Expect to walk 1-2 miles to start line - Rest up the day or two before – don’t fall into the trap of walking around the parks and tiring out your feet before you get started - Be prepared for lots of street/highway running - Don’t try to run fast the first mile or two. I takes a while for the crowd to thing out and stressing about it too much will throw off your pace - Decide if you want to run for fun or for time. There’s a lot of great opportunities for character pictures and group fun if you’re not worried about reaching a specific time

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